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But let us also remember that immortal principle of war that the U. Stuttgartpp. Andreas Gestrich ed. Hausherr, I. Bewer, Julius A. Für viele Pietismus und Barock. In: Stadt Filderstadt ed. Robert ed. Paradoxer Click here. Niedhart ed. Geschichte eines Stuttgarter Stadtteils. Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion? ErzГ¤hl' mein GlГјck von jener Zeit, in der mein Wesen Deinem glich, so wirst Du Dich des Tag's entsinnen, da Dein Schatten meinem wich. Halt' mein Strahlen. Eben wir wollen Ihnen das GlГјck wГјnschen. Wenn auch in Ihrem Klima hГ¤​uslich. Wird niemals des Unwetters. Wir Гјberreichen dem Geburtstagskind nicht​. (Jade-Weser-Port) Kein GlГјck fГјr Wilhelmshaven, und dann kommt auch noch hinweist, dass die Einrichtung fГјr Menschen mit einem Gewicht. Und nebenbei das groГџe GlГјck [dt./OV]. FSK Rating: Freigegeben ab 6 Jahren. von 5 Sternen · Prime Video · ab 2,99 €2,99€. Sorry fГјr die VerspГ¤tung, aber uns wurde ein kompletter Podcast dank technischer Misere geschreddert. Jetzt die Zeit gefunden, neues GlГјck.

The pencil having ceased to write, laid itself gently down, and taking the paper in my hand I found on it a quantity of writing which at first appeared to me to be in cipher, but I presently perceived that the words composing as it were written backwards, from right to left, exactly as one sees writing reflected on a looking glass.

What was written made a [Page 62] considerable impression on me at the time, but I cannot now recall it, I know, however, that the dominant feeling I experienced was one of horror.

I called the owners of the inn and related to them what had taken place. They received my statement with perfect equanimity, and told me that in their house this was the normal state of things, of which, in fact, they were extremely proud: and they ended by congratulating me as a visitor much favored by the invisible agencies of the place.

And why do they write backwards? Who are They? And, besides, it is the same in all the other apartments of the inn. Page 38 Dreams and Dream-Stories by Anna Kingsford Before the doorway stood a tall veiled figure, like translucent silver.

A sense of reverence overcame me. The night was balmy, and bright almost as day with resplendent starlight. The stars seemed to lean out of heaven; they looked down on me like living eyes, full of [Page 63] a strange immeasurable sympathy.

I crossed the threshold, and stood in the open plain, breathing with rapture and relief the pure warm air of that delicious night.

How restful, calm, and glorious was the dark landscape, outlined in purple against the luminous sky! And what a consciousness of vastness and immensity above and around me!

The silver figure stood beside me, and lifted its veil. It was Pallas Athena. And this open country under the eastern night, — is it not the same in which they were " abiding," to whom that Birth was first angelically announced?

The following was read by me during sleep, in an old book printed in archaic type. As with many other things similarly read by me, I do not know whether it is to be found in any book: — [Page 64] "After Buddha had been ten years in retirement, certain sages sent their disciples to him, asking him, — What dost thou claim to be, Gautama?

At the top of the house was a suite of rooms, from which no one who entered at night ever again emerged. No corpse was ever found; but it was said by some that the victims were absorbed bodily by the walls; by others that there [Page 65] were in the rooms a number of pictures in frames, one frame, however, containing a blank canvas, which had the dreadful power, first, of fascinating the beholder, and next of drawing him towards it, so that he was compelled to approach and gaze at it.

Then, by the same hideous enchantment, he was forced to touch it, and the touch was fatal. For the canvas seized him as a devilfish seizes its prey, and sucked him in, so that he perished without leaving a trace of himself, or of the manner of his death.

The legend said further that if any person could succeed in passing a night in these rooms and in resisting their deadly influence, the spell would for ever be broken, and no one would thenceforth be sacrificed.

Hearing all this, and being somewhat of the knight-errant order, C. We were assured that the attempt would be vain, for that it had already been many times made, and the Devils of the place were always triumphant.

They had the power, we were told, of hallucinating the senses of their victims; we should be subjected to some illusion, and be fatally deceived.

Nevertheless, we were resolved to try what we could do, and in order to acquaint ourselves with the scene of the ordeal, we visited the place in the daytime.

It was a gloomylooking building, consisting of several vast rooms, filled with lumber of old furniture, worm-eaten and decaying; scaffoldings, which seemed to have been erected for the sake of making repairs and then left; the windows were curtainless, the floors bare, and rats ran hither and thither among the rubbish accumulated in the corners.

Nothing could possibly look more desolate and gruesome. We saw no pictures; but as we [Page 66] did not explore every part of the rooms, they may have been there without our seeing them.

We were further informed by the people of the town that in order to visit the rooms at night it was necessary to wear a special costume, and that without it we should have no chance whatever of issuing from them alive.

This costume was of black and white, and each of us was to carry a black stave. So we put on this attire, — which somewhat resembled the garb of an ecclesiastical order, — and when the appointed time came, repaired to the haunted house, where, after toiling up the great staircase in the darkness, we reached the door of the haunted apartments to find it closed.

But light was plainly visible beneath it, and within was the sound of voices. This greatly surprised us; but after a short conference we knocked.

The door was presently opened by a servant, dressed as a modern indoor footman usually is, who civilly asked us to walk in.

On entering we found the place altogether different from what we expected to find, and had found on our daylight visit. It was brightly lighted, had decorated walls, pretty ornaments, carpets, and every kind of modern garnishment, and, in short, bore all the appearance of an ordinary well-appointed private flat.

While we stood in the corridor, astonished, a gentleman in evening dress advanced towards us from one of the reception rooms. As he looked interrogatively at us, we thought it best to explain the intrusion, adding that we presumed we had either entered the wrong house, or stopped at the wrong apartment.

He laughed pleasantly at our tale, and said, "I don't know anything about haunted rooms, and, in fact, Page 41 Dreams and Dream-Stories by Anna Kingsford don't believe in anything of the kind.

As for these rooms, they have for a long time been let for two or three nights [Page 67] every week to our Society for the purpose of social reunion.

We are members of a musical and literary association, and are in the habit of holding conversaziones in these rooms on certain evenings, during which we entertain ourselves with dancing, singing, charades, and literary gossip.

The rooms are spacious and lofty, and exactly adapted to our requirements. As you are here, I may say, in the name of the rest of the members, that we shall be happy if you will join us.

On entering we found a company of men and women, well-dressed, some in ordinary evening attire and some costumed.

The room was brilliantly lighted and beautifully furnished and decorated. At one end was a grand piano, round which several persons were grouped; others were seated on ottomans taking tea or coffee; and others strolled about, talking.

Our host, who appeared to be master of the ceremonies, introduced us to several persons, and we soon became deeply interested in a conversation on literary subjects.

So the evening wore on pleasantly, but I never ceased to wonder how we could have mistaken the house or the staircase after the precaution we had taken of visiting it in the daytime in order to avoid the possibility of error.

Presently, being tired of conversation, I wandered away from the group with which C. Between each couple of panels, the whole length of the salon, was a beautiful painting, representing a landscape or a sea-piece.

I passed from one to the other, admiring each, till I had reached the extreme end, and was far away from the rest of the company, where the lights were not so many or so bright as in the centre.

The last fresco in the series then caught my attention. At first it appeared to me to be unfinished; and then I observed that there was upon its background no picture at all, but only a background of merging tints which seemed to change, and to be now sky, now sea, now green grass.

This empty picture had, moreover, an odd metallic colouring which fascinated me; and saying to myself " Is there really any painting on it?

On this I was instantly seized by a frightful sensation, a shock that ran from the tips of my fingers to my brain, and steeped my whole being.

Simultaneously I was aware of an overwhelming sense of sucking and dragging, which, from my hand and arm, and, as it were, through them, seemed to possess and envelop my whole person.

Face, hair, eyes, bosom, limbs, every portion of my body was locked in an awful embrace which, like the vortex of a whirlpool, drew me irresistibly towards the picture.

I felt the hideous impulse clinging over me and sucking me forwards into the wall. I strove in vain to resist it.

My efforts were more futile than the flutter of gossamer wings. And then there rushed upon my mind the consciousness that all we had been told about the haunted rooms was true; that a strong delusion had been cast over us; that all this brilliant throng of modern ladies and gentlemen were fiends masquerading, prepared beforehand for our coming; that all the beauty and splendour of our surroundings were mere glamour; and [Page 69] that in reality the rooms were those we had seen in the daytime, filled with lumber and rot and vermin.

As I realised all this, and was thrilled with the certainty of it, a sudden access of strength came to me, and I was impelled, as a last desperate effort, to turn my back on the awful fresco, and at least to save my face from coming into contact with it and being glued to its surface.

With a shriek of anguish I wrenched myself round and fell prostrate on the ground, face downwards, with my back to the wall, feeling as though the flesh had been torn from my hand and arm.

Whether I was saved or not I knew not. My whole being was overpowered by the realisation of the deception to which I had succumbed.

I had looked for something so different, — darkness, vacant, deserted rooms, and perhaps a tall, white, empty canvas in a frame, against which I should have been on my guard.

Who could have anticipated or suspected this cheerful welcome, these entertaining literati, Page 42 Dreams and Dream-Stories by Anna Kingsford these innocent-looking frescoes?

Who could have foreseen so deadly a horror in such a guise? Was I doomed? Should I, too, be sucked in and absorbed, and perhaps C.

I had no voice; I could not warn him; all my force seemed to have been spent on the single shriek I had uttered as I turned my back on the wall.

I lay prone upon the floor, and knew that I had swooned. And thus, on seeking me, C. But as it was, I awoke from my swoon only to find that I had been dreaming.

My part in this struggle was, indeed, the leading one, but my friend C. The government sought our arrest, and, for a time, we evaded all attempts to take us, but at last we were surprised and driven under escort in a private carriage to a military station, where we were to be detained for examination.

With us was arrested a man popularly known as Fou, a poor weakling whom I much pitied. When we arrived at the station which was our destination, Fou gave some trouble to the officials.

I think he fainted, but at all events his conveyance from the carriage to the caserne needed the conjoined efforts of our escort, and some commotion was caused by his appearance among the crowd assembled to see us.

Clearly the crowd was sympathetic with us and hostile to the military. I particularly noticed one woman who pressed forward as Fou was being carried into the station, and who loudly called on all present to note his feeble condition and the barbarity of arresting a witless creature such as he.

At that moment C. I instantly followed, and the people favouring us, we pressed through them and fled at the top of our speed down the road.

As we ran I espied a pathway winding up a hill-side away from the town, and cried, " Let us go up there; let us get away from the street!

Our best safety is to lose ourselves in the town. We may throw them off our track by winding in and out of the streets. We had to pause a moment to recover ourselves.

A second afterwards we reached the bottom of the street which branched off right and left. I hesitated a moment; then we both turned to the right.

As we did so — in the twinkling of an eye — we found ourselves in the midst of a group of soldiers coming round the corner. I ran straight into the arms of one of them, who the same instant knew me and seized me by throat and waist with a grip of iron.

This was a horrible moment! The iron grasp was sudden and solid as the grip of a vice; the man's arm held my waist like a bar of steel.

At once I realised the hopelessness of the situation, — the utter futility of resistance. The man who had arrested me was a sergeant or some officer [Page 72] in petty command.

He took me alone with him into the guardroom, and placed before me on a wooden table some papers which he told me to fill in and sign. Then he sat down opposite to me and I looked through the papers.

They were forms, with blanks left for descriptions specifying the name, occupation, age, address and so forth of arrested persons.

I signed these, and pushing them across the table to the man, asked him what was to be done with us. He was drawn into this struggle entirely by me.

Consider, too, his advanced age. His hair is white; he stoops, and, had it not been for the difficulty with which he moves his limbs, both of us would probably be at this moment in a place of safety.

What can you gain by shooting an old man such as he? He neither favoured nor discouraged me by his manner.

While I sat awaiting his reply, I glanced at the hand with which I had just signed the papers, and a sudden idea flashed into my mind.

If my companion must die, let me die first. In my right hand, the line of life broke abruptly halfway in its length, indicating a sudden and violent death.

But the point at which it broke was terminated by a perfectly marked square, Page 44 Dreams and Dream-Stories by Anna Kingsford extraordinarily clear-cut and distinct.

Such a square, occurring at the end of a broken line means rescue, salvation. I had long been aware of this strange figuration in my hand, and had often wondered what it presaged.

But now, as once more I looked at it, it came upon me with sudden conviction that in some way I was [Page 73] destined to be delivered from death at the last moment, and I thought that if this be so it would be horrible should C.

If I were to be saved. I should certainly save him also, for my pardon would involve the pardon of both, or my rescue the rescue of both.

Therefore it was important to provide for his safety until after my fate was decided. The officer seemed to take this last request into more serious consideration than the first.

He said shortly: " I may be able to manage that for you," and then at once rose and took up the papers I had signed.

Then he went out, turning the key of the guard-room upon me. The dawn of the next day broke darkly. It was a terribly stormy day; great black lurid thunderclouds lay piled along the horizon, and came up slowly and awfully against the wind.

I looked upon them with terror; they seemed so near the earth, and so like living, watching things. They hung out of the sky, extending long ghostly arms downwards, and their gloom and density seemed supernatural.

The soldiers took us out, our hands bound behind us, into a quadrangle at the back of their barracks.

The scene is sharply impressed on my mind. A palisade of two sides of a square, made of wooden planks, ran round the quadrangle.

Behind this palisade, and pressed up close against it, was a mob of men and women — the people of the town — come to see the execution.

But their faces were sympathetic; an unmistakable look of mingled grief and rage, not unmixed with desperation — for they were a down-trodden folk — shone in the hundreds of eyes turned towards us.

On the third and fourth sides of the quadrangle was a high wall, and in a certain place was a niche partly enclosing the trunk of a tree, cut off at the top.

An iron ring was driven into the trunk midway, evidently for the purpose of securing condemned persons for execution. I guessed it would be used for that now.

In the centre of the square piece of ground stood a file of soldiers, armed with carbines, and an officer with a drawn sabre.

The palisade was guarded by a row of soldiers somewhat sparsely distributed, certainly not more than a dozen in all.

A Catholic priest in a black cassock walked beside me, and as we were conducted into the enclosure, he turned to me and offered religious consolation.

I declined his ministrations, but asked him anxiously if he knew which of us was to die first. You he replied; "the officer in charge of you said you wished it, and he has been able to accede to your request.

Death was, I thought, far too near at hand for that. Just then a soldier approached us, and led me, bareheaded, to the tree trunk, where he placed me with my back against it, and made fast my hands behind me with a rope to the iron ring.

No bandage was put over my eyes. I stood thus, facing the file of soldiers in the middle of the quadrangle, and noticed that the officer with the drawn sabre placed himself at the extremity of the line, composed of six men.

In that supreme moment I also noticed that their uniform was bright with steel accoutrements. Their helmets were of steel, and their carbines, as they raised them and pointed them at me, [Page 75] ready cocked, glittered in a fitful gleam of sunlight with the same burnished metal.

There was an instant's stillness and hush while the men took aim; then I saw the officer raise his bared sabre as the signal to fire.

It flashed in the air; then, with a suddenness impossible to convey, the whole quadrangle blazed with an awful light, — a light so vivid, so intense, so blinding, so indescribable that everything was blotted out and devoured by it.

It crossed my brain with instantaneous conviction that this amazing glare was the physical effect of being shot, and that the bullets had pierced my brain or heart, and caused this frightful sense of allpervading flame.

Vaguely I remembered having read or having been told that such was the result produced on the nervous system of a victim to death from firearms.

But presently there forced itself on my dazed senses a sound — a confusion of sounds — Page 45 Dreams and Dream-Stories by Anna Kingsford darkness succeeding the white flash — then steadying itself into gloomy daylight; a tumult; a heap of stricken, tumbled men lying stone-still before me; a fearful horror upon every living face; and then The storm which had been gathering all the morning had culminated in its blackest and most electric point immediately overhead.

The file of soldiers appointed to shoot us stood exactly under it. Sparkling with bright steel on head and breast and carbines, they stood shoulder to shoulder, a complete lightning conductor, and at the end of the chain they formed, their officer, at the critical moment, raised his shining, naked blade towards the sky.

Instantaneously heaven opened, and the lightning fell, attracted by the burnished steel. From blade to carbine, from helmet to breastplate it ran, smiting every man dead as he stood.

The electric flame licked the life out of seven men in that second; not one moved a muscle or a finger again.

Then followed a wild scene. The crowd, stupefied for a minute by the thunderbolt and the horror of the devastation it had wrought, presently recovered sense, and with a mighty shout hurled itself against the palisade, burst it, leapt over it and swarmed into the quadrangle, easily overpowering the unnerved guards.

I was surrounded; eager hands unbound mine; arms were thrown about me; the people roared, and wept, and triumphed, and fell about me on their knees praising Heaven.

I think rain fell, my face was wet with drops, and my hair, — but I knew no more, for I swooned and lay unconscious in the arms of the crowd.

My rescue had indeed come, and from the very Heavens! ROME, April 12, Soul, awake! Thy light is come, arise and shine! For darkness melts, and dawn divine Doth from the holy Orient break; Swift-darting down the shadowy ways And misty deeps of unborn Time, God's Light, God's Day, whose perfect prime Is as the light of seven days.

Wake, prophet-soul, the time draws near, The God who knows within thee stirs And speaks, for His thou art, and Hers Who bears the mystic shield and spear.

The hidden secrets of their shrine Where thou, initiate, didst adore, Their quickening finger shall restore And make its glories newly thine.

A touch divine shall thrill thy brain, Thy soul shall leap to life, and lo! What she has known, again shall know; What she has seen, shall see again; The ancient Past through which she came,— A cloud across a sunset sky,— A cactus flower of scarlet dye,— A bird with throat and wings of flame;— [Page 78] A red wild roe, whose mountain bed Nor ever hound or hunter knew, Whose flying footprint dashed the dew Page 47 Dreams and Dream-Stories by Anna Kingsford In nameless forests, long since dead.

Till last, in fairer shape she stands Where lotos-scented waters glide, A Theban Priestess, dusky-eyed, Barefooted on the golden sands; [Page 79] Or, prostrate, in the Temple-halls, When Spirits wake, and mortals sleep, She hears what mighty Voices sweep Page 48 Dreams and Dream-Stories by Anna Kingsford Like winds along the columned walls.

A Princess then beneath the palms Which wave o'er Afric's burning plains, The blood of Afric in thy veins, A golden circlet on thine arms.

Anon, a sea-bleached mountain cave Makes shelter for thee, grave and wan, Thou solemn, solitary Man, Who, nightly, by the star-lit wave Invokest with illumined eyes The steadfast Lords who rule and wait Beyond the heavens and Time and fate.

Until the perfect Dawn shall rise, And oracles, through ages dumb, Shall wake, and holy forms shall shine On mountain peaks in light divine, When mortals bid God's kingdom come!

So turns the wheel of thy [keen] soul; From birth to birth her ruling stars, Swift Mercury and fiery Mars, In ever changing orbits roll!

The high gods have no joys like these, So sweet in human story; No tempest rends their tranquil seas Beyond the sunset glory.

Sparks from the opening of hell? Gleams from the altar-lamps seven? Can you tell? Is it the glare of a fire? Is it the breaking of day?

Birth-lights, or funeral pyre? Who shall say? April 19, In some such dream of grace and light, My soul shall pass into the sight Of the dear Gods who in the height Of inward being dwell; [Page 82] And joyful at Her perfect feet Whom most of all I long to greet, My soul shall lie in meadow sweet All white with asphodel.

I am an American, junior partner in a London mercantile house having a large Swiss connection; and a transaction — needless to specify here — required immediate and personal supervision abroad, at a season of the year when I would gladly have kept festival in London with my friends.

But my journey was destined to bring me an adventure of a very remarkable character, which made me full amends for the loss of Christmas cheer at home.

I crossed the Channel at night from Dover to Calais. The passage was bleak and snowy, and the passengers were very few.

On board the steamboat I remarked one traveller whose appearance and manner struck me as altogether unusual and interesting, and I deemed it by no means a disagreeable circumstance that, on arriving at Calais, this man entered the compartment of the railway carriage in which I had already seated myself.

So far as the dim light permitted me a glimpse of the [Page 86] stranger's face, I judged him to be about fifty years of age.

The features were delicate and refined in type, the eyes dark and deep-sunken, but full of intelligence and thought, and the whole aspect of the man denoted good birth, a nature given to study and meditation, and a life of much sorrowful experience.

Two other travellers occupied our carriage until Amiens was reached. They then left us, and the interesting stranger and I remained alone together.

The early hours of dawn are always the coldest". The voice impressed me as strongly as the face; it was subdued and restrained, the voice of a man undergoing great mental suffering.

Then he turned his face to the window, and would say no more. My speculations regarding him multipled with his taciturnity.

I felt convinced that he was a man with a romance, and a desire to know its nature became strong in me. During the first part of our journey we slept; but, as we neared the Swiss frontier, a spirit of wakefulness took hold of us, and fitful sentences were exchanged.

He was bound for far-away Alpine regions, ordinarily visited by tourists during the summer months only, and, one would think, impassable at this season of the year.

Presently I ventured another question: "You go on business, perhaps — not on pleasure? I felt rebuked, and hastened to apologise.

But you interest me greatly, and I wish, if possible, to be of service to you. If you are going into Alpine districts on business and alone, at this time of the year — " There I hesitated and paused.

How could I tell him that he interested me so much as to make me long to know the romance which, I felt convinced, attached to his expedition?

Perhaps he perceived what was in my mind, for he questioned me in his turn. My accent may have told you my nationality.

I travel in the interests of the American firm, Fletcher Bros. Afterwards I go to Berne, then to Geneva.

Then he took from his travelling-bag a porte-feullle, and from the porte-feuille a visiting-card, which he handed to me.

I took the hint, and returned the compliment in kind. St Aubyn's Court, Shrewsbury. It is the characteristic of your nation to be kind-hearted and readily interested in strangers.

I wondered. Perhaps; but he said it quite courteously. Before I accept your kindness, will you permit me to tell you the nature of the journey I am making?

It is a strange one. I assented eagerly. The following, recounted in broken sentences, and with many abrupt pauses, is the story to which I listened: Mr St Aubyn was a widower.

His only child, a boy twelve years of age, had been for a year past afflicted with loss of speech and hearing, the result of a severe [Page 89] typhoid fever, from which he barely escaped with life.

Last summer, his father, following medical advice, brought him to Switzerland, in the hope that Alpine air, change of scene, exercise, and the pleasure of the trip, would restore him to his normal condition.

One day father and son, led by a guide, were ascending a mountain pathway, not ordinarily regarded as dangerous, when the boy, stepping aside to view the snowy ranges above and around, slipped on a treacherous fragment of half-detached rock, and went sliding into the ravine beneath.

The height of the fall was by no means great, and the level ground on which the boy would necessarily alight was overgrown with soft herbage and long grass, so that neither the father nor the Page 56 Dreams and Dream-Stories by Anna Kingsford guide at first conceived any serious apprehensions for the safety of the boy's life or limbs.

He might be bruised, perhaps even a few cuts or a sprained wrist might disable him for a few days, but they feared nothing worse than these.

As quickly as the slippery ground would permit, they descended the winding path leading to the meadow, but when they reached it, the boy was nowhere to be seen.

Hours passed in vain and anxious quest; no track, no sound, no clue assisted the seekers, and the shouts of the guide, if they reached, as doubtless they did, the spot where the lost boy lay, fell on ears as dull and deadened as those of a corpse.

Nor could the boy, if crippled by his fall, and unable to show himself, give evidence of his whereabouts by so much as a single cry.

Both tongue and ears were sealed by infirmity, and any low sound such as that he might have been able to utter would have been rendered inaudible by the torrent rushing through the ravine hard by.

At nightfall the search was suspended, to be renewed before daybreak with fresh assistance from the [Page 90] nearest village.

Some of the new-comers spoke of a cave on the slope of the meadow, into which the boy might have crept. This was easily reached.

It was apparently of but small extent; a few goats reposed in it, but no trace of the child was discoverable. After some days spent in futile endeavour, all hope was abandoned.

The father returned to England to mourn his lost boy, and another disaster was added to the annual list of casualties in the Alps.

So far the story was sad enough, but hardly romantic. I clasped the hand of the narrator, and assured him warmly of my sympathy, adding, with as little appearance of curiosity as I could command: — "And your object in coming back is only, then, to — to — be near the scene of your great trouble?

I do not believe either that my boy's corpse lies concealed among the grasses of the plateau, or that it was swept away, as has been suggested, by the mountain cataract.

Neither hypothesis seems to me tenable. The bed of the stream was followed and searched for miles; and though, when he fell, he was carrying over his shoulder a flask and a thick furlined cloak, — for we expected cold on the heights, and went provided against it, — not a fragment of anything belonging to him was found.

Had he fallen into the torrent, it is impossible his clothing should not have become detached from the body and caught by the innumerable rocks in the shallow parts of the stream.

But that is not all. I have another reason for the belief I cherish. And always in the same way, and with the same look. He stands before me, beckoning to me, and making signs that I should come and help him.

Not once or twice only, but many times, night after night I have seen the same thing! Poor desolate man! Not the first driven distraught by grief; not the first deluded by the shadows of love and longing!

Forgive me the Page 57 Dreams and Dream-Stories by Anna Kingsford energy of my words; but had you loved and lost your beloved — wife and child — as I have done, you would comprehend the contempt and anger with which I regard those modern teachers whose cold and ghastly doctrines give the lie, not only to all human hopes and aspirations towards the higher life, but also to the possibility of that very progress from lower to nobler forms which is the basis of their own philosophy, and to the conception of which the idea of the soul and of love are essential!

Evolution presupposes possible perfecting, and the conscious adaptation of means to ends in order to attain it.

And both the ideal itself and the endeavour to reach it are incomprehensible without desire, which is love, and whose seat is in the interior self, the living soul — the maker of the outward form!

I was about to reassure him in regard to my own philosophical convictions, [Page 92] the soundness of which he seemed to question, when his voice sank again, and he added earnestly: — " I tell you I have seen my boy, and that I know he lives, — not in any far-off sphere beyond the grave, but here on earth, among living men!

Twice since his loss I have returned from England to seek him, in obedience to the vision, but in vain, and I have gone back home to dream the same dream.

But — only last week — I heard a wonderful story. It was told me by a friend who is a great traveller, and who has but just returned from a lengthened tour in the south.

I met him at my club, by accident, as unthinking persons say. He told me that there exists, buried away out of common sight and knowledge, in the bosom of the Swiss Alps, a little village whose inhabitants possess, in varying degrees, a marvellous and priceless faculty.

Almost all the dwellers in this village are mutually related, either bearing the same ancestral name, or being branches from one original stock.

The founder of this community was a blind man, who, by some unexplained good fortune, acquired or became endowed with the psychic faculty called second sight, or clairvoyance.

This faculty, it appears, is now the hereditary property of the whole village, more developed in the blind man's immediate heirs than in his remoter relatives; but, strange to say, it is a faculty which, for a reason connected with the history of its acquirement, they enjoy only once a year, and that is on Christmas Eve.

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